Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween DIY: Spooky Spoons!

Halloween is two weeks away! Can you believe it!? October has flown by and I had to get started on costume and party ideas before Halloween knocks at our door (Trick-or-Treat!).  I love adding a little surprise factor to themed party tables and, rather than boring old utensils, I thought it would be fun to dress up the flatware a bit! I picked up these cheap little skeleton hands for a dollar ninety nine at the craft store (also saw them at the party store so they should be available at any major retailer of the sort) and snagged some silver plastic flatware.  A little hot glue, and we're good to go!
Simply glue the "palm" of the bony hand to the end of the plastic utensil, allow to cool/harden, and repeat!
It's as simple as that.  An entire party set could be made in minutes.  I also appreciate how inexpensive this was, party supplies can add up fast!
I think party guests will really get a kick out of these spooky spoons (and forks/knives).  A cheap way to be a bit playful with the place settings.  Everyone needs a little "hand" with their spoon now and again, don't you think? 



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