Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grilled Peach and Nasturtium Summer Salad

Salads are one of my favorite summer meals.  They're refreshing and cool, and with all of the fresh produce becoming available from the garden and farm stands the possibilities for combinations are really endless. The addition of fruits to your favorite greens is a great way to keep things exciting and tasting wonderful. For this simple summer salad, it's the peaches and edible flowers that bring the wow-factor, adding color and surprising sweetness. The Nasturtium adds the bite and spiciness. Not only does it look beautiful, but the flavors are extra special.
Grilled Peach and Nasturtium Summer Salad

-1 Med ripe peach, halved.
- Red leaf lettuce (washed and loosely chopped) and a sprinkling of butter lettuce
-1/4 Cup chopped walnuts 
- 1/4 Cup crumbled feta cheese
- Nasturtium leaves and flowers (washed and dried)  (homegrown or purchased as "edible" only)
- Balsamic Vinegar

Grill the two peach halves, face down on an open grill for 5 - 10 minutes. Slice the grilled halves into thinner pieces and and combine with the greens, walnuts, feta, and  top nasturtium leaves and flowers.  Drizzle plate balsamic vinegar.

This is a wonderful salad to serve to guests.  It adds an air of excitement to any summer meal, whether paired with other dishes or as a stand-alone dish with a glass of crisp white wine.  

The butter and mild red-leaf lettuces partner nicely with the nasturtium to balance the spiciness, while the grilled peach brings a light sweetness.  Finished off with the earthy nuttiness of the walnuts and the saltiness of the feta, it's sure to please the palette.  I just love the way the colors come together on the plate, don't you?



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