Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Plant Printed Clay Coasters

I wrote the date on a document today and realized it's already August... August!!  This summer has just flown by.  I'm already anticipating the sadness that comes with saying goodbye to my summer garden. Every year I try and find ways to immortalize a tiny bit of what was grown that year, to remind me of that joy during cold winter months.  Last year I shared how to press flowers using books , which was a lot of fun. This year I decided to press some of the leaves and little flower heads into clay to make these simple coasters.

You will need :

- 8 oz. white polymer clay
- Several sturdy leaves and flowers, with interesting patterns (washed and dried)
- Wax paper
- Rolling pin
- Indigo blue paint and paint brush
- Felt for backing the coasters 

(Tip:  Thicker leaves and sturdy flowers without petals work best!)

Working in sections, mold a ball of clay and roll flat to about 1/4 inch thickness.  Using a round dough punch, or a thin rimmed glass like I did.  Keep the punched clay circles on wax paper and place leaves/flowers on the faces of each. 
(Tip: Think through the placement of the flower/leaf before placing because any indentation will show.  Also avoid too much touching as fingerprints will show as well.)
After placing the leaves/flowers, place a fresh sheet of wax paper over the whole group and gently roll over them with the rolling pin.  Use a gentle pressure, just enough to imprint the plant but not so much as to distort the round coaster shape.

Carefully peel off the plants and bake at 275 degrees for 15mins per 1/4 inch (20mins should do it for about 4 coasters).

Lightly brush a single coat of paint.  Let dry.  Apply a second coat of paint and while still wet, use a tissue or napkin to smudge away the paint where the shape of the leaf or flower is. If desired apply a clear coat (modpodge or clear lacquer).

When everything is fully dry you may add a circle of felt to the back of each coaster.

I love these because they remind me of the "sun prints" that my Mom helped us make as kids - the deep, deep blue and ghostly white shadows of little trinkets and bits of nature...



  1. They absolutely look like those sun prints, but much more permanent! Love these :-)

    1. Thank you Lisa!! I'm so happy to hear you see what I mean about the sun prints!! Xo


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