Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Belly Smoothie

Entering my early thirties has been wonderful but, while I don't feel much older at heart, I'm starting to notice some physical changes, mainly with my belly.  It's taking a little more mindfulness lately to maintain healthy digestion (no more guzzling down three slices of pizza and a milkshake on a Friday night, what the heck!) Aside from being mindful of what I'm eating on regular days (because pizza on the weekend is still necessary), I've found that adding a certain amount of healthy probiotics to my daily diet makes an enormous difference in how I feel. 

One of my favorite ways to keep my belly happy is to consume live active cultures, found in most healthy yogurts and certainly in kefir.  If you've never tried Kefir, I would highly recommend it.  It has a very "tangy" flavor similar to plain Greek yogurt- but a little more tart.  It's also drinkable, which makes it perfect for smoothies!

If the taste of plain kefir is too intense for you, adding berries and other fruits to the blender totally helps.  Here's a really simple, yummy way to make a probiotic smoothie:

Happy Belly Smoothie
Blueberry, banana, with kefir

1 1/2 Cups plain, unsweetened kefir
1/2 Cup fresh or frozen blueberries
1 Whole banana

Add kefir, berries, and chopped banana to a blender. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

The great thing about this smoothie is you can sub in different berries and fruits to keep it exciting.  Strawberries, mango, or peaches are awesome substitutes for the blueberries...mix and match!  Have fun with the flavors!



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