Monday, December 5, 2016

10-Minute Citrus and Pine Mini-Wreath

It's the most wonderful time of year again!  We've been decorating like crazy around here, finding every excuse to bring in a little more cheer.  I think that this year, for so many, it's going to be especially important to find comfort in the joy and love that Christmas brings. And for those of you that do not celebrate Christmas, the perfume of a little citrus and pine in the home is always a spirit lifter during cold winter months! 

This quick little Scandinavian-inspired wreath is just right amount of everything good that is Christmas.  The scent of pine, sweet citrus and a little candle of light, love and hope.

I loved this wreath so much that I made two if them, one with a metal hoop and one with a wooden hoop. They are equally pleasing, but I'll share the steps for the wooden hoop here because they're the most attainable - for sale at any craft store or sewing shop.

You Will Need:

-Small embroidery hoop
-Sprigs of greenery (cut mine off of a bush along the road)
-2 Clementines or a large orange
-Small cookie cutter (heart, star, gingerbread man, whatever you choose!)
-2 Strands of wire
-Thimble & small candle
-Crazy glue or hot glue
-Ribbon for hanging

Step1: Peel your citrus fruit (eat fruit and save peel!) and using the small cookie cutter, stamp out three shapes. Step 2:Wire the greenery to the hoop and snip any extra wire ends. Step 3: Thread the second piece of wire through your citrus shapes and attach the strand of shapes to the hoop, over the greenery, by twisting the wire ends in and around. Step 4:Glue candle into thimble, then glue thimble onto the inner circle of the wreath.  Tie some ribbon to hang. Enjoy!
My mom was here when I made my little wreath. She drove up early Sunday morning and sat with us for a pancake breakfast.  We sipped coffee and she worked on little gingerbread houses for her kindergarten class while I made this wreath.  We ate the leftover clementines together while we listened to Leonard Cohen sing Hallelujah on YouTube, and then she held the wreath up against her sweater so that I could take its picture in the sunlight. I loved it so much that I made a second one before she left and she brought it home to my father, who hung it on the cabinet door in their kitchen. 



  1. Mine looks so pretty against my pine cabinets. The orange peel is drying and the little hearts look like fine leather.

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