Monday, May 6, 2013

Guest Post: Living Room ReStyle
Lesli is here with us today from her blog Linen and Tulle, to share the beautiful makeover she and her husband just finished in the living room of their sweet stone cottage! They put the awesome tin ceiling in themselves, painted, and decorated their lovely new space.
"My favorite part about our space is the tin ceiling. It's really reflective, so the light bounces everywhere and just makes you happy. The space is under 200 sq. ft so we kept everything neutral, and used texture to add depth."
"When we first started this restyle we spent endless nights at the local hardware store with handfuls of paint color cards and I, like many others, had sleepless nights trying to make decisions.  It turned out to be a wonderful space to just unwind at the end of a long day."   
"It's still far from perfect, but all of our home's imperfections are what make us love it so much!"

Thanks so much for sharing this Lesli! I just love all the excellent choices you made, all culminating in such a soothing and rich looking space. The warm earth tones, layered in with crisp whites and (my favorite) the grays. The pop of the gold and silver is what really makes the whole thing...not to mention that ceiling!!
(Did you guys see that amazing giant ruler they have hanging on the wall!? So cool;)

Stop by Linen and Tulle to read the full story, Living Room Part I by LesliMarie,  or to read any of Lesli's other lovely posts!


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  1. Nice summer look. I especially like the Gentleman Jack ;)



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