Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Postcards Forever

I have a slight obsession with antique postcards..whenever I'm in a shop, and spy the classic old shoe box filled with old cards, I immediately start leafing through...I almost always come home with two or three. I love them all..florals, holiday, woodsy themed, and they are even more special if they still shave a personal greeting hand written on them. There's something really wonderful to me about reading one person's little message to another...seeing where it was sent from and to whom...
I'm always looking for ways to display them. Some I frame, others only come out during their specific holiday, etc. The other day I started playing with some more unique ways to showcase the special ones and came up with this!
I used two 4" x 6" pieces of "frame replacement glass panes" from the craft store. Some 26 gauge copper wire, sticky dots (little adhesive dots), approx. 30" of leather cording, one vintage post card, and a scrap of antique lace.
I applied a teeny tiny bit of the adhesive to only 2 corners of the post card (didn't want to completely ruin the whole thing), and also a tiny bit to the center of my lace piece, and sandwiched everything between my two pieces of glass.
Then I randomly wrapped my copper wire around all four sides (very tightly). This required twisting and securing so that when I hang my little contraption, it will be hung safely. Then I twisted the excess up into a loop for hanging. A good technique to avoid unraveling of wire is to twist down, down, down, and then twist back up a few times, squeezing the end in close with the twist to finish it off.
Then I securely attached my leather cording and hung the whole thing in our dining room window:) 
*If you have little ones about..this may not be the safest decoration. If you do decide to give it a try, be sure this is hanging (very securely) up very high, out of the reach of little fingers;)

I love how this turned out and I also love that when I get tired of it I can just remove my postcard and save it for something else!

Do you love collecting certain things? How do you display things like this in your home?
Happy Wednesday!


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  1. his is a beautiful way to display them. I too collect old post cards. I try to find ones that are early 1900's mostly, and I have a lot from Europe. I'm always drawn in to the notes people wrote.


    1. That's awesome Lesli:) I'd love to see your collection's so addicting isn't it!?


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