Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Golden Skull Table Setting

I've always dreamt of having a formal Halloween dinner party...if I were the hostess, this is one way I might decorate my table. I love how the golden skull and spider-webby lace feels spooky but elegant at the same time. Here how I made my golden skull and place card...
You will need:
-Small paper-mache skull (Craft store for $1.99)
-Gold metallic spray paint
-Letter stamps
-White stamp pad
-1" wide strip of thin cardboard or brown card-stock

(*Multiply materials depending on number of guests!)

Lightly spray your skull with the gold paint and allow to fully dry. Cut a "snake tongue"  end into the inch wide strip of cardboard and then stamp your guest's name onto the strip.
I used a piece of decorative card-stock as my place mat, and then layered on a gold-rimmed china plate draped in a delicate doily. After placing my skull and place card in the center of the doily, I dropped in some spooky spiders and gold confetti (circle-punched gold card-stock)
This was a very cheap and easy project. The materials I bought were very inexpensive and I utilized things I already had to make the whole thing come together. I think guests would love this pretty, and spooky, table setting don't you?

Have you ever held a  Halloween dinner party? I think it would be so much fun!



  1. I think the idea of a formal Halloween party sounds awesome! And I'm not even one for dressing fancy usually, but doing it for Halloween would be extra fun. Love the gold skull. Very cool. :)

  2. These look great! Elegant but still spooky. I love them



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