Friday, November 15, 2013

Make Cardboard Tube Ornaments

I have always loved tiny little scenes...dioramas were totally my thing in school. So when it comes to little holiday decorations, I'm a sucker for anything that falls into the category...snow globes, filled ornaments, etc. Here's a fun little project that costs almost nothing and will put to use all of those empty paper towel rolls!

You will need:
-Empty cardboard tube( paper towel or toilet paper roll)
-Decorative paper
-Xacto knife or scissors
-Little knickknacks
-Ribbon scraps
Simply slice off sections of the tube (I made mine about an inch wide), and trim decorative paper to fit the backs. Glue the back rim of the cardboard to the paper and fill with little knickknacks, gluing it all in securely. Lastly, glue a bit of ribbon around the outer surface of the ornament for hanging.

Aren't they sweet? I think this would be really fun project to do with kiddos as well.
I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday!

Any big plans for the weekend??



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