Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Let's reinvent the gravy boat! I'm always trying to find fun, unique vessels for floral arrangements and what could be more perfect for Thanksgiving than one of our extra gravy boats! I like a low centerpiece for the table because it doesn't block anyone's view when we all sit down. Here's a quick and easy way to make a lovely centerpiece for under $15.

I got two bunches of six dollar flowers (one floral and one of greenery) at the local supermarket, and I also grabbed a fresh bunch of rosemary for just a few bucks.
 Start by placing two of the largest stems of greenery horizontally inside the gravy boat.
 Cut the stems of your floral down to about 3 inches. The base of the flower (under the head) should rest on the edge of the gravy boat. Working your way around the edge, fill the entire edge of the boat.
 Continue circling in a spiral pattern closing in toward the center until you have filled all of the empty space. See below.
 Now it's time to add in the rest of greenery sprigs!
(I added two more types of thin greenery, including the long grass and rosemary.) Place them in at random. I wove the ends of my grasses back down into the arrangement to create loose loops! 
That's it! So inexpensive and very simple. I think it creates a really unique and beautiful finished product, don't you?  This would also make a really sweet hostess gift too, you could even buy an extra gravy boat at your local thrift shop so he or she can keep the whole arrangement!
Next time someone says " pass the gravy please"....just kidding! 

Do you like making something special to dress up your holiday table?



  1. That looks wonderful! I bet a great addition to a thanksgiving table decor

  2. This is beautiful! I don't know if I'll bother making any Thanksgiving decorations because we aren't hosting this year and we've been so busy. But this looks lovely and easy to pull together should I need something quick! Love the color. :)

  3. Hmm, if I try this project, maybe I won't have to make gravy! :)


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