Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween "Happy Hour"

We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday with our families at our annual Halloween get-together...

Every year, it seems, the costumes get better and better...

This year we had a lovely Gypsy, a Cowboy, a Safari Guide, a Nifty-Fifties Child in a poodle skirt, an Order of Bacon n' Eggs and a couple of Day-of-the-Dead Skeletons...

Aren't they great costumes??  The best part was I got to keep that awesome amber "crystal ball" from my mama's gypsy costume:)

We also had some yummy treats

Everyone brought a little something..We had chips, dips and creepy mozzarella eyeballs, and for dessert? Bone-yard cupcakes and some delicious pumpkin bars..
I made an extra batch of the Bone-yard cupcakes because, later that night, N and I popped over to our friend Lesli's house (visit Lesli Marie's blog here)  for some more tasty treats and some good company;)

Happy Halloween!! 

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