Thursday, October 25, 2012

Place-mats to Pillows

I was in need of two new throw pillows the other day, one for our newly painted living room and one for an upcoming project...We all know how shamefully expensive throw pillows can be, so I really love finding inexpensive ways to make my own. For this project, I used Place-mats!
1. I went to a local Home Goods and found some fun place-mats in the clearance section ($1-$2.00ea.) 2. I dug into my yarn supply and made some cute little pompoms in corresponding colors (learn how to make yarn pompoms here) 3. I placed my mats together with the good sides facing each other. Then I sewed all 3 sides together, sewing the 4th side only partially closed and  leaving several inches open for stuffing.  I reached inside and turned the whole thing right side-out to hide my seams. Then I stuffed my pillows  (I like to use POLY-FIL because its very inexpensive, and can be found at your local craft store...) 4. I decided to embellish my cream floral pillow with a row of buttons along one edge. I like the mix-matched look of the buttons I scrounged from my button jar. 5. I sewed the buttons along the edge of my floral pillow with a needle and thread, evenly spaced about 1/2"  in from the edge. 6. On my other pillow, I attached 2 of the red pom poms I made, by simply stitching them onto opposite corners with my needle and thread. 7. Tada! I now have two new throw pillows for under $15.00!

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