Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Sunny" Gets a Make-over

Since I introduced our new little camper, Sunny, I thought I'd share what transpired in the week following Sunny's homecoming...


Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Sunny's VERY outdated interior...We had a camping trip planned for the following weekend, so I only had a few days to get the inside to a point where I wouldn't cringe when I stepped inside. Since I'm a "girl on a budget", I had only a little bit of money to invest in this project(only about $100 to be exact) and had to think of what we already owned to turn the 70's flavor ,brown, brown, and more brown interior into something fun, clean, and cozy...




W started by giving the walls and ceilings a fresh coat of white paint, and I also repainted the top kitchen cabinets white with red trim. We pulled out all of that yucky white carpet and redid the floor in a wood-grain linoleum. It was super easy to install, and is now easy to clean and sweep.
Sunny needed a whole new set of curtains (There were 13 of them!) and since I couldn't afford brand new material with my budget I found a old favorite set of sheets in our linen closet, with a sweet robin's-egg-blue circle pattern, that I re-purposed into curtains and dining room seat covers. The cream valences are made from a salvaged roll of muslin that I had in my stash, and I capped them with a thin run of pretty red ribbon...

The little flowered throw, shown above, is made from sewn together handkerchiefs that N and I had as table decorations at our wedding last year. I chose my favorite squares and sewed several runs together to make this little throw quilt. The red and white pillow is re-purposed from our guest room (because its red and white of course;) The fried egg throw pillow is one that I made using scraps of fabric I had laying around. After all, whats camping with out fried eggs in a skillet for breakfast;)
Our favorite part is the faux tin back-splash we installed in the kitchen and on the facade of the fridge (this was our big splurge). 

We can't wait to keep working on Sunny:) Stay tuned!!



  1. I love the faux tin in your camper kitchen! What a great idea! We have the same panels in our half bath ceiling and I love the pattern. What a creative way to use it!!

    1. Thank you!! Just peeked at your half bath photos, love it! that wall paper is amazing...and of course I adore the ceiling ;)

  2. Seriously, the faux pressed tin tiles were totally worth it!

    1. Thanks Colleen! It's one of my favorite details;)


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