Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy-Stitch Stocking

Happy felty-friday!! I love felt projects because they are so inexpensive! I get 8.5 x 11 sheets of colored craft felt for .29cents ea. at our local craft store. 
Yesterday, I brought our bins of Christmas decorations down from the attic, and began going through them to get ready for decorating.  To my dismay, (OMG) I realized that Peanut didn't really have a special stocking (we used a cheapy one for her last year... and yes, we stuff stockings for our pets:) So felty-friday meant stocking making!  This is a super easy way to make special stockings as gifts (or to fill with gifts, or use as wrapping...)
You will need:
3 sheets of red felt
1/2 sheet of green felt
White embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Small pins
1. Cut both sides of your stocking out of your red felt, 2pcs (I traced one of our other stockings to get the size I wanted) 2.Cut three small red leaf shapes from the remaining red felt and stitch a simple border about 1/4" in from the edge 3. Cut a 2.5" piece of green felt to use as a cap-border for the top of your stocking, and three small 1" diameter circles to use as "berries" 4. Pin your two stocking pieces together, lining up the edges, and stitch closed, leaving the top open, of course 5. Take your green capping piece and fold over the top opening of the stocking working it all the way around with your fingers and pinning into place 6. I did a zig-zag pattern stitch on my green cap to fasten it onto my stocking 7. Arrange your leaves onto the front of your stocking, pinning the berries on top. Then stitch the berries on, which will in turn, fasten your leaves on also, under the berries! 8.  I used a small strip of scrap red to make a little loop for hanging my stocking.
And your done! Easy peasy! As you can see, I'm not awesome at hand stitching but I sort of like the "homemade" feel of my final product:)
 Wouldn't these be fun to stuff with little gifts and surprises?  I can't wait to pick out little treats to put in this one for Miss Peanut ...

 I hope you had a wonderful week, yay for the weekend!!

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