Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No-Sew Corn Husk Doll

One of my favorite childhood memories of visiting my grandmother involves making corn husk dolls...when I was little I loved anything doll-like...(baby dolls, paper dolls, rag dolls and so on) I have a very fond memory of my grandmother patiently sitting with us making corn husk dolls, which of course, thrilled me.
I decided to give it a whirl again!

No-Sew Corn Husk Doll 

You will need:
1/2 bag of raw dried corn husks (Found them at the grocery store! ShopRite)
Bowl of warm water
Dry toweling
Twine, thread, or string of some sort
2 -12" x 12" squares of fabric
A bit of ribbon
Red/pink colored pencil

1. Soak husks in a bowl of warm water for about ten minutes until they are pliable, then remove and blot dry on paper toweling 2. Make two bundles, one large for body ( I made mine nice and thick so she will be able to stand on her own) and one small/medium for the head 3. Take your smaller "head" bundle and fold edges in slightly on the sides so they'll be neat looking. Now fold the whole "head" bundle in half , slipping the top of the larger "body" bundle into the middle of your folded "head" bundle and pinch neck tightly 4. Take your twine or thread and tie around the neck to secure head to body (I pulled a strip of husk off of an extra husk and tied it around the neck to conceal my thread tie)NOW  LET YOUR DOLL DRY (I stood my doll up and let her dry for a few hours) 5. Take your two 12"x12" squares of fabric and cut neck hole in each, making a slit at the back so it's easier to slide over the dolls head 6. Dress your doll!  Once she is dry, pull the under-layer of fabric down lower on the body(near the waist) and the top layer just down to the top of your dolls neck. Pinch at the waist and tie your ribbon sash ( I added little scraps of ribbon and fabric to my doll, making a  neck scarf and head wrap) 7. Using a marker (I chose black permanent), draw on your little face. Then using a red or pink colored pencil, add blushing rosy cheeks!

 Although my new doll is a bit fancier than our childhood corn husk dolls, the project brought back some lovely memories...
Thanks Grandma, Xo! 

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