Sunday, December 30, 2012


Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me... N had gotten my Christmas gift early in December, but it was coming from Florida and after many phone calls and confusion, and no arrival of the package, he printed a photo of my gift and put in in an envelope for Christmas morning:)
I opened the envelope and there was a picture of a gleaming white KitchenAid Mixer.
After a refund from the initial order that never came, we went yesterday to pick up a new one, and now it stands proudly in our kitchen...and I'm totally pschyed:)
N's birthday is on New Year's Eve, so my first mixing job will be batter for his birthday cake! I cant wait...
They say you should never give a woman anything that needs to be plugged in, but my guy knows me well and this was the ultimate addition to my kitchen;) Eek!!

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  1. I got the same gift for Christmas last year. I can tell you, this new guy is going to be your best friend! Enjoy!

    1. Did you?? You are so right:) I'm already having so much fun, my first mix was birthday cake batter for my husband's birthday today:)

  2. Then you must post some pics of that birthday cake! Happy new year!


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