Saturday, December 29, 2012

Woodland Creatures: Hanging Mobile DIY

Hope you are all enjoying this little break between Christmas and the New Year:) It's been snowing pretty hard here since Wednesday, so we've been hunkered down working on projects, and getting housey things accomplished. To keep my hands busy in the evenings, I began making these little felt woodland creatures.

 It started with the foxy little fox, and then came Mr. Squirrel ...and then Owl and the sleepy raccoon.  Once they were done, I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do with them so I just went with a simple wood dowel mobile.  I may keep it, or give it as a baby gift in the future, but I just love these little guys hangin' around:)

I used two small 1/4inch wooden dowels, and lashed them together with embroidery thread, glue dotting them with a dot of hot glue at the end. I glued some green felt leaves along the dowels, and hung two stitched leaves down from the center. Then I threaded each creature with a length of mono-filament (fishing line), and tied each one onto the dowels (also glue dotting when done). I had to put the heavier creatures (Fox and Raccoon) opposite each other for weight distribution.
Happy Saturday! 
Is it snowing where you are?

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  1. I am so behind in my blog reading that I've only now had a chance to see this! These are AMAZING. I am completely drooling over these little woodland critters! Absolutely adorable.

  2. i love these!! how did you make the creatures themselves??

    1. Thanks Paige! I pretty much just cut the shapes out of colored craft felt and then handstitched them together. I started working on them one night just for fun. I wish I photo'd the process:( My apologies


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