Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift wrap...the beauty of "store-bought"

 I'm no Biggie Smalls when it comes to rapping...wait. That's not right. I mean, I'm no Martha Stewart when it comes to wrapping. The scotch tape and ribbon have got me all wacky;)
But I absolutely love wrapping gifts, and while my corners may not be the most crisp, nor my folds the sharpest, I always try to make the packaging of a gift almost as exciting as what's inside.  With the holidays in full swing, sometimes it's just easier to run to the store for paper, tags, and toppers, right? Here are a few examples of how I wrapped a few of my gifts with store bought supplies (mostly) and still managed a unique appeal (I hope?) ;)
 I stopped in two places to pick up materials, Target and Marshals. The fair isle-esque red paper and the awesome gray wood grain paper were purchased for 2$ a roll at Marshals. I really liked them, especially the wood grain, because they dont look like your run-of-the-mill paper, and they both have a bit of personality:) The red and white felted ball ornaments and the silver fox shown above were $1 purchases from bins at Target. The felt reindeer ornament was one that I made here. 
The ribbons, tags etc. were from my stash at home, most of it was originally purchased at Micheal's Crafts, save for the thick tinsely looking "rope" which was thrifted  last year.
What do you think? 
Tomorrow I'll share some of the wrapping paper that I made by hand...

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