Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Ginger House

After the success with gingerbread cookies the other day, I decided to give making my own gingerbread house a try. I've always only bought the kits, but I figured, how hard could it be?
As I rolled out the dough, the thought crossed my mind to make paper templates of the roof slabs and the walls etc. Pfff..I don't need templates...I'll just eyeball it! It's only 4 rectangles and then the peaked front and back sections. Wrongo my friend! Everything went swimmingly, the sections baked into lovely brown pieces, they didn't spread out in the oven, until I went to put the whole thing together. (Now would be an OK time to gently comment on the glob of icing in the upper right corner under the roof where there was a gaping hole from sections not matching up) I'm sure you can all picture the scene...similar to the difficulty of  putting the kit houses together, only way more intense. A drinking glass in the center propping the walls from the inside, a bottle of olive oil holding up the front door panel, toothpicks angled this way and that, while I frantically search my kitchen for something just the right height to prop the roof on as I generously squeeze globby lines of icing into all the seams. CHAOS. But in the end, despite that rather large patch job under the roof (snow avalanche perhaps?) I have a little homemade house that makes me smile:) And I'll tell ya, dusting something with loads of confectioner's sugar can really save the day.
I do really like it:) And now I know for next year? Templates...for sure.

You can view the gingerbread cookie recipe HERE

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