Saturday, January 19, 2013

All Hung Up

 I've always said I'm not much of a houseplant person, but I'm slowly realizing that's a joke:) I love having little spots of low maintenance "green" in certain places around the house (in this case my "green" is a little set of faux succulents, shown above.Shhh;)
  In order to "keep it classy", I've been trying to come up with cool ways of doing this. Today I tried a hanging planter, and I rather like it!;) (Sorry for the photo-heavy post but I'm gonna do step-by-step photos on this one because there's a lot of knot tying involved)

You Will Need:
Several yards of yarn 
A plant!

I chose this white flamenco yarn because I liked the meshy-ness (my new made up word) when it opened up in spots.
Cut 4 even pieces approx. 4ft long (depends how low you want the plant to hang)
Secure all four pieces together towards the top using a separate snippet of yarn.
Take hold of the end of the first strand and bring it up to meet itself about 6" down from the top knot, and tie a secure knot. Repeat with the remaining 3 strands until they have each formed their own loops. (Throughout this entire process it's crucial that you keep all the knots even, this may require a ruler and pencil)
Snip through the bottoms of all the loops, creating 8 separate new strands that branch down from the original 4.
Starting from the center, tie your new 8 strands off in pairs about 8inches down from your last set of knots. Counting in from the left: Strand #2 gets tied to the right(#3), then #4 gets tied to the right to #5, #6 gets tied to #7 on its right. This leaves the outer two strands (#1 and #8) free.
Grab hold of the remaining outer two strands (#1 and #8) and bring them together in front. Tie them together. (Make sure all your new knots are equal distance from the top )
Gather all the loose ends at the bottom, leaving only an inch or two hanging free, and secure with a snippet of yarn. Make sure you double/triple tightly tie this bottom knot, it will take a lot of weight once you put your plant in.
And that's it! It takes a little patience, but the end result is worth it, I promise:)
The above is simply a glass fish bowl turned sideways,with a few faux succulents and some river rocks inside. I may try real succulents in there someday when I have the courage.
I also tried sticking our Jade plant in there, and that looked cool too!
 This could be done with any number of materials, I'm excited to try it again with maybe some rope? 
I'd love to hang these outside on our deck when the weather gets warmer:)

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