Friday, January 18, 2013

Here's to New Friends!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had been on a little trip! Well I had the pleasure of visiting this adorable little shop, A Bushel and A Peck, owned and operated by these two lovely sisters:) Marisa and Stephanie Goldsmith opened this sweet artisan gift shop, in Scarsdale, NY,  in 2012. They sell all sorts of beautifully handcrafted things from knit goodies, glassware, and jewelry, to handmade soaps and candles. 
“a bushel & a peck” was created as a way of bringing the appreciation of personal craft to the public. It is so easy to get sucked into the machine-made cookie-cutter materials and lose appreciation for how beautiful something truly is when it is created by hand. There are so many decisions presented when you are making a piece: color matching for a beaded bracelet, where to place your next brush stoke, what scents work best together when blended into the skin, how to twist wire perfectly to get precise wire wrapping in a necklace. These decisions are premeditated in most cases, but the effort that goes into a final product so that the artist can be proud enough to say, “I made that,” is a beautiful and inspiring thing, never to be lost."

  What I found really special was the way that these girls appreciate all the items they have for sale, and are able to tell you about the people who made them, the hands that went into crafting each thing. Not only is the merchandise beautiful, but the shop itself is worth the visit. I had such a wonderful time browsing and listening to Marisa tell me about the handmade shelving fixtures, and the refinishing job she and her sister had done on the place.
I went down to visit Marisa yesterday, so that she could take a look at the new jewelry I've been working on! (See a bit of it here) I'm thrilled to share that I now have a little collection for sale at A Bushel and A Peck!
This leather fox cuff also made the cut:) I'm so excited to be working with these ladies and hope those of you that are able, will stop in to see their lovely shop!
You can also visit them on FaceBook HERE

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  1. Ah that shop is so cute!

    Please come by and check out my latest post :)



    1. Hi Helen! Isn't it sweet?? Thanks for stopping by! I just visited your site as well:) Especially enjoyed your jewelry post!


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