Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cedar Slice Hot Plate

One of our favorite things on winter days and nights is having fires in our fireplace. When N went down to the basement this afternoon to bring up some wood for a fire, he came back holding these beautiful slices of cedar he had just cut from a small raw cedar log. I was delighted when he offered them to me:)  We originally thought "coasters", but seeing them all lined up together was so neat that I knew I wanted to make something that allowed them to be seen as a group.  I don't know if I will actually put hot things on it, or if it will stay on the table as a decorative there such a thing as a "table-top coaster"? if not, there is now! ;)

You Will Need:
6pcs of round 1/4inch thick wood
2 small wooden dowels
Heavy duty hot glue/gun
Natural wood stain/finish ( I used MinWax)

Since N had already cut me the slices of wood, the whole project only took me about 15mins! 
1.Line your wood up into two or more rows (depending on how wide you want the whole thing to be) and using a heavy-duty hot glue gun, glue the dowels onto the wood, making sure that all pieces are connected (with the dowels touching all points) for structural integrity. As you can see in the photos I wasn't too hung up on the size or visual appeal of the dowels since you wont really see them, so I just cut them haphazardly but you may want a cleaner look and measure the dowel pieces evenly before cutting.2.Lightly sand the whole surface with a very fine grain sand paper and then wipe any dust off with a dry rag or wax cloth 3.Flip your glued project right side up and brush with a coat of the natural finish. Allow to dry completely according to the directions.
I absolutely love this piece, and I especially love that it was a joint effort: husband and wife style;)
It really makes a nice alternative to having a place-mat or doily in the center of our table all the time.

What else could we do with these cedar slices!? Any ideas?

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  1. OMG this is a great DIY project, thanks for share it with us =)

    1. So glad you like it!
      Thanks for visiting again also!

  2. How did you cut the slices of wood so thin? Did your husband use a band saw with a jig?


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