Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color Me Happy

 I think I'm gonna start a new trend...cactus and succulents! Just kidding:) We all love them, I know. The other day I started thinking about their fun shapes, and how silly it would be if they came in bright colors.  So I gave it a shot!
You Will Need:
Crayola Model Magic (1 4Oz pkg)
Jewelry pins
Acrylic paint
3 small pots

 The process was pretty basic, mold the Model Magic into your desired shapes. Cut 1/4inch pieces of jewelry pins and stick them into your cactus. Let your "plants" dry 24hours as per the directions on the Model Magic Pkg. Paint your pots gold (or not, up to you;) and fill with foam. After 24hrs,  glue your hardened plants into the pots and paint them. For the final step surround each plant base with little stones or pebbles to conceal the foam and glue.

I'm pretty excited with the final product, they make me laugh a little:)
I just cant decide where I want to keep them, on our bookcase? or on the fireplace mantle? ...decisions, decisions.

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