Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making Arrangements...

Yesterday I shared some photos of our new mirror and vase. Today I wanted to tell you how the flower arrangement in the vase came about! 
I always check the floral department at our local supermarket, because they often have a 3 for $12 deal on small bunches of flowers. I love picking a little group of three and seeing what I can come up with at home (usually mixing some of my own greens in)...a challenge of sorts;)
For this one I chose (from the left): Medium creamy-white sweetheart roses (supermarket bunch #1), dried lavender sprigs from my garden, small blushing sweetheart roses (market bunch #2), Sage (from the produce section), light purple toned carnations (market bunch #3, I'd never seen these before..very pretty as far as carnations go.), dried licorice plant from the garden. (You may wonder when I say "garden" but amazingly my lavender never really dies, the blooms do of course, those I have drying from the ceiling in our kitchen, but the "leafy" sprigs stay standing in the garden year round.)
I was really enjoying the subdued, almost weathered, look of my selections...different variations of cream tinged with purpley, pink, green and grey hues...
"Soft" is the word I would use to describe them all..
I started with the pink sweethearts, trimming sections of the stems off (it's important to do this with all stems before placing them in water so that they are fresh cut and can absorb the water better). For the rose stems I use a serrated knife, and for the rest I used scissors.
Then I added the creamy white roses. I cut all the stems at different heights so that some would stand taller. I really wanted the final effect to have an organic feel...
Then in went the carnations in groups of clustered threes.
And lastly, the sage, lavender and licorice sprigs. I just slid them in randomly, some in low around the base to hide the stems and some standing tall, springing up from the middle.
Now they all stand proudly, in my new vase atop our mantle in the living room, and they make me smile every time I walk past;)

Would you guess these are supermarket sale flowers? It makes me proud that this whole thing only cost me fourteen dollars.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. I absolutely have no talent for flower arranging, but it's something I've always wanted to be good at. Your tips & suggestions are so helpful, thank you! And I adore that vase...

    1. Thank you!! You know, I never really thought I was any good at it either, but it's easier than you'd think! I mean mine is nothing spectacular but it does the trick i think;) give it a shot!

  2. Gorgeous arrangement!
    Not to mention lovely mantle color/decor as well.
    Cut flowers can be so beautiful

    1. Thank you! They can be right? Sometimes just love them:)


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