Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Fun: Part 1

This weekend was particularly fun for me:) For my birthday last month my brother surprised me with tickets to an event (so to speak) in NYC called Sleep No More. So I went into the city on Friday for the big night. We had a lovely dinner at The Red Cat ( I had crispy fried green beans with wasabi dipping sauce and organic chicken over cauliflower mac n cheese. nom nom.) and then we headed over to the "McKittrick Hotel". 
I could take ages to try and explain this whole thing and still not come close...the entire building has been transformed into several floors of differently themed places from long ago. You enter first into an old jazz bar, cocktails and drinks served, live music playing and then they call your "room key-card number" and you are all given a white mask to wear and taken to the next floor in an old freight elevator. I won't say too much in case any of you get the chance to go and see this, but the whole thing is silent (save for the ambient "music") and everyone has this mask on. You are free to explore all the floors and to go in the direction of your choosing. 
Meanwhile there are some really intense performance art skits going on in surprising places..a bellhop serving tea to a guest in the hotel lobby, or a bar brawl happening in another room (still silent save for a few grunts and natural sounds). The most fabulous part was that you were invited to touch the "sets", open drawers, touch the props... totally explore. For example, we entered an area set up like an antique candy shop..shelves of glass jars filled with candy..and there were other masks guests like us  already there behind the counter etc.  exploring the jars and eating candy:) 
This was an unbelievable experience, and I'm sure I've just confused you all with my description..but if you get the chance to do it, go for it. You will not be disappointed;)
What a birthday celebration, I had a blast.

Did you all have a nice weekend as well? I can't wait to be back tomorrow to tell about the wonderful second-half of the weekend:)

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  1. I'm definitely getting tickets for this - it sounds amazing!


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