Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Fun: Part II

Happy Tuesday! I just wanted to share our second adventure this past weekend. We met my parents for lunch at one my most favorite places, Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. We've been going to Mohonk since I was very little. We would go in the summer to hike and swim in the lake, and in the winter for cross country skiing and ice skating. Once in a while my Grandparents would treat us to an overnight in the gorgeous hotel... We always had a room with a fireplace and heavy linens on the bed. 
Words cannot describe how beautiful this spot is, way up on the mountain, nestled among enormous rocks and cliffs...
It was a misty foggy day, but still very enjoyable. Our niece came with us (it was her first time being there) and I got such a kick out of showing her everything:) We had a phenomenal lunch in their grand dining room and then, after a little meandering through the hallways indoors to look at the lovely indoor plants and quiet reading parlors, we headed outdoors to the ice rink. (When I was little we would skate on the lake right off of the dock in the first photo, but they've since built a huge beautiful rink up the hill...)
When we first arrived at the rink, they were just getting ready to open the afternoon session so the ice was completely still and clear. It was beautiful and we had a blast. My niece impressed us all with her skating abilities (this was her second try this year). Afterward we headed inside for some hot tea and cider, and a little gift-shopping;)
One of Mohonk's iconic symbols (aside from their little gazebos) are their rocking chairs, which line every porch and balcony ...
(N and Me by the rink...I may need to rethink the hat next time;)
It was an awesome day trip, despite the weather. I urge you to peek at the website:) I hope I didn't depress you all with the foggy, grey-heavy photos...

Do you have a place from childhood that always leaves you feeling enchanted? I'd love to hear:) and...are you ready for spring the way I am? 

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