Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY Floral Hair Combs

Remember the Flower Crown Wreath I made a while ago? Well as much as I love it, I still have yet to wear it:( I thought if I made a smaller version, in the form of hair combs, I might find it easier to incorporated flowers into my hair/outfit! Here's how I did it:

I used a pin to make holes through the trimmed stems of my flowers. Then I pushed floral wire through said holes, twisting it tightly to hide sharp ends. Then I twisted the flower it's new wire stem around the upper spine of the hair-comb ( also hiding the pokey end on the outside for safety). Then I repeated the process with the rest of my leaves and blossoms until the comb was full! I made two combs..a matching set.
I love how sweet and feminine these are...I may wear both or perhaps just one! We'll see;)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. It's beautiful! Also, I just read Anabel's post about the things you sent her for the May Day swap and am blown away! I love everything you sent. :)

    1. She did such a sweet post!! I was just over there, looking at her gorgeous photos:) This was SUCH a fun thing to be a part of! Thanks to you and your lovely blog, where I read about the swap and to Dawn for putting it all together:)
      Thanks Mary!!

  2. Beautiful! I love that crown you made, if you don't where it soon I might have to steal it for my own outfit post!




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