Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seed Packet Wall Art

I picked up a few of these amazing antique seed packets for myself and a friend last weekend at the booth I was working for. They came from a whole group for sale from Fiddlehead Farm
As soon as I saw them (they were nice and flat, never sealed with seeds) I knew I wanted to frame them as a triptych on our kitchen wall. So when I got them home that's exactly what I did! I picked up three simple & sleek white frames form the dollar store ($1.29ea!) and then set to work!
I even cheated a little and just flipped the staging photo that the frames came with around to use as my white background. I didn't use any adhesive because I didn't want to damage the seed packets, so I just centered them and carefully put the back on the frame to hold them in place. Then I hung them up!
It was tricky getting all three in my lens frame with out a complete glare on the glass, but you get the idea. I just love how simple and beautiful they are...even N walked in and commented on how "fresh and clean" they felt:) I hope my friend enjoys hers as much as I'm enjoying mine!

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  1. :D you know I will! I love the way they came out. Its great that they're flat and were never filled.

  2. OMG, Sarah! I have seen some pretty pretty seed packets on the West Elm website and have wanted to buy them for the longest time to send to you. I always thought they would look pretty in your camper because they were very retro looking. They only have one variety on the website now, and its not as antique looking at ones they used to have or the ones you framed but still very pretty. I love what you do! Love, Aunt G in Naples!

    1. Hi Aunt G!:) Oh! I'm going to look for them right now, I'd love to see them. You're so right! I should totally get some for the camper!
      Thanks for the love:) This was such a sweet comment:)


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