Friday, June 14, 2013

Simple Camera Strap Cozy

Since I've been bringing my camera everywhere, I always have it hanging on my neck or shoulder, and sometimes the strap irritates me a bit. So when I found this awesome strip of super soft diamond-print material in soft pastels hues, I decided it was time to fashion a "strap cozy". Something really comfy to slip over the stock strap on my camera. Here's how I did it!
You will need, a soft semi-thick material that measures approx. .5" to 1" wider than your camera strap (to allow for slip on). Approx. 1-1.5"W x 4-6" L of soft leather. A needle and thread or sewing machine.
Start by cutting your material to fit the length of your camera strap. I cut enough to cover the thick nylon section, stopping where that part ends on either side.
"Hem" the ends of both strips of material.
Attach your leather piece to ONE of the strips of material. (My material was a little bit stretchy, which is why it looks a little wonky in the above photo.)
Stitch your two strips together along the edges, leaving the ends open to allow the strap to slip in and out. (The stitching on the short end of my material is from the hemming in step 1)
Slip your original camera strap through one open end (make sure the leather part is on the inside, the part that will be sit against your neck), and you're done! Comfort at last! ;) At least it was for me..and it fancied up by boring old strap a bit! 
 (Does anyone else find attaching the strap back on to the camera through those TINY openings to be the most FRUSTRATING thing ever!? Or is it just me...I required tweezers. Thank you Nikon.)

Happy Friday!


  1. lol, Im laughing to myself, because I know exactly what you mean with the strap! Try doing it on a moving ship....ofcourse I love the strap cover, looks great!


  2. hahaha ok I'm glad I'm not the only one! Oh boy, a moving ship? forget it! Glad you like the strap cover!!:)


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