Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Breezy Linens

I don't know about you, but if I see a sign that says "Tag Sale" I'm pulling over. I just cannot drive past because you never know what gem you may find.
 My brother and I happened upon a pretty good one last weekend on an old farm in upstate New York. After browsing for a few minutes and reminding myself that I absolutely DO NOT need anymore furniture, I spotted a big rubbermaid bin full of soft goods. The woman that was running the sale urged me to rummage through the bin and I was not disappointed.
I gathered an armload of pretty things to begin asking her about prices and she waved me away saying everything was 25cents each. TWENTY FIVE CENTS!! EEek:) I was thrilled. I had a stack of goodies that totaled $2.00 and sweet stories from her about which of those she'd stitched herself. She told me that her grandmother had taught her needlepoint and embroidery when she was three years old, and that she had so many things laying around, it was time to get rid of a few. Not shown here, is a beautifully knit throw blanket in all sorts of wonderful pastel colors, also 25cents. Fun, FUN!
When I got them home, I hand washed them and hung them all to dry. I stood there, trying to decide which was my favorite...the sorbet edged doilies? No, the linen cloth with the dancing fork and knife:) Or maybe the little apron, so sheer and soft with it's dainty pink hem. Even the small square table cloth covered in bright red geraniums made me happy:) I love them all and I will always think of that generous happy woman, the sunshine, and shopping with my brother in the middle of giant rolling fields.

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  1. Ugh tag sales are my weakness. For 25cents a piece I might have come home with the whole bin! Looks like you made lovely choices though. Its all about finding the diamonds in the rough.


    1. Right? They are totally my weakness too:)

  2. Replies
    1. One of my absolute favorites;) Thanks Marieken!

  3. Are those faces on the fork and knife? :)
    Nothing like rummaging through a box of soft pretties... I always find something in those!

    1. Yes!! Little faces:) The best part about it about it;)


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