Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For The Biggest Dreamers...

I've wanted to make a dream catcher for some time now, and when I saw the huge display of hula hoops at the dollar store I almost squealed as the image of  giant dream catchers flew through my head;) I grabbed a hula hoop and twirled my way to the checkout
(totally didn't twirl, but you know what I mean;).
Sometimes things are so much fun when they are totally blown up...
Here's how I did it:
You will need:
1 hula hoop
1 ball of twine
1 large roll of washi tape
3 yrds of lace ribbon
1 doily
1 large trinket or charm (see wooden peace sign above)
1 cheap lace table runner or other long lacy material
(A partner to help hold the hoop at times, thanks Mama! ;)

Cover your hula hoop completely, with washi tape. starting with an end of twine (tape to the hoop securely) begin weaving around and around in a criss-cross pattern until you have completed the circle of your hoop (here is where an extra helper comes in handy to help hold the hoop while weaving). I did mine very freely and randomly, spacing the strands several inches apart. Using snippets of tape secure your twine wherever it touches the hoop so it doesn't slide around.
Using your lace ribbon, weave around the whole hoop, going under and over your secured twine spots to further keep them in place.
Using a 3 inch piece of twine, fine the center of your twine "web" in the middle, and tie a knot.
Lay your doily over that center knot and, using small snippets of twine, tie the edges of your doily to your webbing. I tied onto every other  twine strand. Pull your little knots outwards on the web strands to stretch your doily tight. Add your charm/trinket to the center point of the doily.
Make strips of material, using scissors, from your lace runner or fabric. Tie said strips to the bottom of your hoop so that they will flow freely in the breeze when hung.

 It came out just the way I pictured it:) 
 I hope that it will indeed do its job of catching sorrowful and unwanted dreams...letting only happiness and hope through....

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  1. I LOVE this! Its so beautiful. I can't believe its made from a hula hoop. It must be huge....)I know thats the point, you did say giant!)

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. This is absolutely great! So frilly, and simple, and fun!
    Have you caught anything on it yet? :)

    1. Thanks Anabel! I think we have caught some unhappy things, because it's been pretty peaceful around here;)

  3. This turned out lovely! I have been itching to make some sort of dream catcher... :) I love how big yours is!

    1. Oh you should make one! Thanks Sylvie;)


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