Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello from the beach bums!

I'm sorry it's been a bit quiet over here this week, but we've been to the beach! ;) My brother had our family out to Montauk, NY for the week, to stay with him in his rented summer house. What a treat! We grew up spending a lot of time out in Montauk every summer (before Montauk was "cool"..;), and there is no other place in the world that makes me feel as wonderful as this little ocean town. It's amazing to be able to watch it change and grow, and to be able to share it all with my husband now...

We had the most awesome week...I didn't want to leave. Delicious food (my first raw oysters!!Now obsessed), octopus tacos, and fresh steamers. Peach crepes for breakfast and long days on the beach. The weather has been so hot, the icy ocean water was a godsend.

Do you have a place close to your heart, like this? What a feeling...
(I hope you're all managing to stay cool!)

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  1. where are the photos of Jesse's place???

    1. oooh:) I didn't share any :/
      I try to only share a few of the most visually interesting photos here so as not to bore any one with loads of vacation photos that make sense only to me haha:)
      I will share with you privately Mik


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