Sunday, July 14, 2013


Sundays...start out a little lazy. Coffee, pajama's, and silly Tv. Then comes the laundry...warm clothes from the dryer smelling so cleeaaan:) Grocery shopping and weekly house cleaning. The evening is my favorite time. We switch the lamps on and sit on the couch together enjoying our last weekend day together...Sunday is one of my most favorite and least favorite days of the week.

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  1. Such a vivid description! For a moment I was there, seeing you 'switch the lamps'. :)
    Ah, if only my sundays were that balanced and calming! Usually, we just feel anxious about the fact that monday is slowly creeping in... Our grocery shopping is frantic, as is our sunday house cleaning.

    1. haha aw Anabel, I totally hear you about the anxious creeping Monday is true that this kind of hangs overhead, but we still try and enjoy the last day;)


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