Friday, July 26, 2013

Making Curtains into Aprons

I stopped in to my favorite little thrift store the other day (they donate all proceeds to the animal shelter.yes:) and walked out with some really fun curtains printed with flowers and green teapots. The valence that belonged to the set had this really frilly feel to it and screamed girly kitchen apron to me. 
This is how I turned my new little teapot curtains into an apron:
You will need: 1 panel of printed curtain, 1 valence, cloth ribbon, needle and thread/sewing machine.
Take your panel and measure approx. 20 inches from top to bottom. Mark and cut off excess at the top.
Measure valence width to match the width of your panel. My curtain panel was 28" wide, so I cut the valence the same width. Hem the cut side of the valence by stitching, to avoid fray.
 Lay your cut-to-size valence on top of your curtain panel, so that they are even along the top and along the sides.
Find the center of your valence/curtain, as well as the center of your length of ribbon (length of ribbon will depend on the size of your waist, and on how long you'd like the tails to be when it's tied around your waist.) Line up your centers so that everything is even on both sides.
Pin everything into place, and stitch. I used the sewing machine here, doing two rows of stitching so that the ribbon lays flat.
I used pink thread...(note to me: replenish white thread supply) That's it! Sweet lady-apron with green teapots and flowers...
I hope you all are having a very happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Let's see, that means you saved money, donated to a good cause and recycled something old, in addition to making a really cute apron.

    1. well when you put it like that ! haha So sweet Lisa Thank you:)

  2. So so cute! I have a pair of curtains that I would loooove to make a proper dress of .. but .. then I first have to find new curtains haha :D

  3. Super cute! I wish I could sew like you:(

    1. Come over and practice any time!! We can sew together;)Xo!


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