Monday, August 12, 2013

Canning Peaches

I spent some time with my father this weekend, as he canned his home grown peaches. He's had his peach tree for years, and every year as the fruit begins to ripen, he has lost the battle with squirrels and birds-winding up with only a few for eating. This year by some miracle, he was blessed with a bumper crop and managed to get them all picked before the critters moved in. They are beautiful and ripe, glowing golden inside the jars.

My father uses the classic canning technique. Sterilizing the jars and blanching the peaches. He peels the skin off of halved peaches, and fills the jars with fruit. Then he funnels in the syrup. He makes his own simple-syrup of water, Sugar In The Raw, and a tiny bit of nutmeg. When all the jars are full, he returns them to the boiling pot for sealing. (You can see his pup Sully thought he might like to help as well..)

Aren't they beautiful? The color is just gorgeous. Since he has been doing this for many days due to the quantity of fruit, he had a jar cooled in the fridge to open and taste after lunch. They were really fantastic.
He also gave me  bunch of ripened peaches to take home and I can't wait to show you what I made with them!

Have you ever canned anything? I've never tried it on my own! Although I did break the ice with my Easy Cold Pickles (no heat required) this summer. I might have to give this canning thing a try by myself when my tomatoes start ripening here in the garden! I can always call my dad for help, right? ;)



  1. Oh man I love this, I wish my dad was this awesome and canning his own peaches.

    1. hahah Angela, my dad never sits still - always keeping the hands busy! :)


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