Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ocean Memories...

We're home...unpacking after a really great week away. Snuggles with the pups and our own comfy bed, missing the ocean already. 
I can't help but bring home little things found along the shorelines every single time we go away. I have glass vases and jars... and boxes... filled with shells, pebbles and smooth rocks...
Somehow it makes it a little easier when you look around home and see these little reminders.

My Aunt found this great silver plated tea-pot for me the other day and I've discovered it makes a wonderful vase. Hydrangeas and zinnias from my garden, mixed with one of my Aunt's dahlias...and of course a few of our sea treasures.

Do you collect shells and things the way we do? 



  1. The last year I've been traveling the world and I collected shells and pebbles from all of the countries I've visited. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but they make the best souvenirs!

    1. O wow Angela! That sounds amazing! I like to put them all in big clear glass vases, like hurricane pillars and such. Or maybe you could get some shadow box frames to put them in and hang them on the wall?
      Sounds like fun! xo


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