Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet little thrift

We found a pretty sweet little thrift store yesterday in Eastham, MA, a wonderful little building. 
Built in 1879, it was originally " Brackett’s General Store". Then in the 1930's it housed a "Mitten Factory", where oven mitts and slippers were made by a local couple for distribution to other stores. The owners had a pet monkey name Rocco, and all the kids would come around to see him and give him treats. 
Now it's a thrift store, and I found some lovely things that made their way home with us. A set of six dinner plates, with painted strawberries in their centers, and two doilies in very nice condition.  The grand total was $8.00. I walked away a happy girl.

I always love a good story, and it was so cool to hear a bit about this building. I love our new strawberry plates, and really...can a girl ever have too many doilies??
The answer is no. No, she can not.

Have you had any really great thrift finds lately? 



  1. My grandmother had those exact same plates!!! What a cute store :)

    <3 dani

    1. Oh my gosh!! Does she really?!? Grandma has lovely taste;)


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