Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mama's treasures...

I think I mentioned my parents' love for antiques in this post around Easter. I remember, as a child, being completely obsessed with this little tabletop cabinet filled with tiny antique treasures. Little things that they had found, or sweet objects that my father had given to my mom in the early years. I was never told "no" when my little fingers went to the latch on the little glass door. If my Mother was cringing inside as I fingered the delicate objects inside, she never said...Instead she'd tell me what each thing was and to be very gentle because it was all special. That was pretty much how things went...I knew to ask before touching and to treat special things with love and care. Most of my dolls were picked up in antique shops or at auctions, on trips with my father for bigger things like furniture, prizes for a little girl after a long day. Any other dolls that I favored had belonged to my mom when she was little. Don't get me wrong, I loved a good plastic barbie as much as the next little girl, but there was always something to be said for unique toys that held a bit of history and meaning.
The other photos here are just quiet observations on a visit there the other day...

This was one of my favorite little dolls. All of my life I have loved tiny things, the tinier and cuter the better. This little one stood about 4inches tall and all of her joints moved. I don't remember when the crack in her head appeared, and if her arm was missing before or after hours of playtime, but I so loved her. My mom made little tiny outfits for her, the little white dress above and a little blue felt coat with tiny buttons and ribbon were my favorite. She even had a little blue hat with a tiny red pompom on top...
Sweet. It makes me happy to look through all of these memories from time to time. I hope that one day I can give all of these little play treasures to our own little girl...teach her to value things and to take comfort in quiet playtime with special little dollies...



  1. I remember those days well. I loved making the little porcelain doll's clothes out of scraps of lace and other bits of things. Sharing in your play and seeing her through your eyes brought back vivid memories of how alive a doll can seem when one is a child.

    1. Really special Ma...Meant a lot:) sooo magical


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