Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Make Little Trees

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, my excitement for Christmas decorating is barely containable.
I love unique little holiday items, and some of the best are the homemade kind. Here's a really simple and sweet little project to start the snowy Christmas season.
You will need:
-White pipe-cleaners
-Silver metallic pipe-cleaners
-Small 1/4" thick x 2" wide wooden discs (drill small holes in the center of each)
-Hot glue

Start by taking one full pipe-cleaner and folding it in half. Then twist the two halves together creating a thick "trunk". Snip the remaining pipe-cleaners into small and medium pieces (about 2" for the small and 3" for the medium)
Then start twisting your medium pieces onto the "trunk", followed by the smalls as you begin to reach the top of the tree.
Put a little bit of hot glue into the hole in your wooden disc, and carefully place the base of your tree into the hot gluey hole. Hold your little tree straight until the glue sets and your done! Repeat the same steps with  your white pipe-cleaners.
These little guys would look great on top of a mantle or on a shelf. I like the way they are a little bit wonky, they have character...Such a simple way to add a little sparkle.

Are you ready to kick off the holiday season!? 



  1. They look great! Would be great for a table top Christmas scene I bet too.

  2. such a cute idea. would work well for using as table place markers too!

  3. They look like they are twirling and dancing! How about adding some little ice-skaters?


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