Friday, December 13, 2013

Try This: Decorate with Vintage Chandelier Crystals

When I was little I used to sneak into my parents' basement to stare at the shelves holding my father's antique chandelier crystals. He use to collect unique light fixtures and had jars filled with all different shapes and sizes of crystals and prisms...skinny drops and pears, each one caught the light when you held it up. To my little self, these were like treasure.
Fast forward twenty-something years, I have one of those jars from my father, gifted from the basement collection. They still feel really magical to me, and the other day I thought what lovely "ornaments" they would make...
I've seen these sold in a few thrift shops and antique stores, they are also sold online. I just love how romantic they feel when they're hanging, don't you?



  1. The most elegant icicles ever! Beautiful!

    1. ah! You're right Lisa! I didn't even think of that, they are JUST like icicles:)

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