Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tiny Picture Frame Greenhouse

After seeing this Picture Frame Greenhouse project the other day, I felt like I had to give it a try. I wasn't in the mood for drilling and hammering, so I decided to give it quick shot with just Krazy glue. I will say that a light sand on all edges will help here. In the end it isn't the sturdiest of little greenhouses but it's held together and I quite like it!

You will need:
-6 small picture frames with glass (no backs needed)
-light sand paper
-krazy glue or other strong, quick-drying glue

First I gave all of my touching edges a light sand. Then I glued the glass into each frame to keep it in place. When they were dry, I attached my four "sides" together by placing my frames horizontally and krazy-gluing them together. I then made my "roof" by gluing the last two frames together on an angle (this was the trickiest part I had to wait until the glue was totally dry before letting go). I added a small decorative element to the front which also helped keep the roof stable. I did not attach the roof to the base, I simply set it on top which works fine for me. I wanted to be able to lift it off to get to my little plant.
What sort of things have inspired you lately? Have you tried any fun projects?



  1. Dark wood frames would be really pretty as well. Your little white one reminds me of a snug little cottage!

  2. What a cute little greenhouse! Such a clever idea :) Lately I've been inspired by different washi tape projects - there's just so much one can to with washi tape ;) So I tried this washi tape honeycomb wall, which I think turned out quite good. You can have a look here, if you'd like :)


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