Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DIY Yarn Storage (Using an old curtain panel!)

Over the past year I've gotten more and more into knitting and crochet. My yarns, needles, scissors etc. had started to get a little bit out of control (this is putting it mildly...) . I had a large basket that I was chucking extra skeins into and it just wasn't working. So I came up with this neat little wall hanging to store my yarns, scissors and extra needles. It makes for super easy access and it's a lot easier to find things as I need them. 
I had this great 3'x 3' curtain panel (the cream with pom pom edging) that I had thrifted a while back, along with a lot of extra hankies that finally got to put to good use.

You will need:
-1 3' x 3'  (or larger) curtain panel of made of sturdy fabric
-Ten 12" x 12" Handkerchiefs
-3' wooden dowel
-5' length of heavy duty ribbon
Iron out your large 3' x 3'  curtain panel. Take the top of each hankie and fold down approx. 3". Iron flat. Working in rows of three across, pin your hankie-pockets neatly along your material.
Stitch your "pockets" on, leaving the tops open for access. I also made two smaller pockets in my second row, one for my extra needles and one for scissors etc.*See below
You will have room on your panel for three rows of three (the two small scissor/needle pockets equal one regular pocket in the second row).
Stitch each  end of your ribbon securely onto the top left and right sides of your completed panel and slip the wooden dowel into the curtain rod sleeve at the top. Hang on the wall using a heavy weight hook, fill with supplies and enjoy!
I'm so happy with my new storage system, and I'm glad I finally found a use for that lonely little curtain panel with its sweet  pom pom edging. Happiness all around.



  1. That looks lovely, I love all the different florals :-)

    1. Thank you so much Marieken!! They are the handkerchiefs we bought to cover the tables at our wedding, being put to their second life here:)


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