Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hot Cross Buns and Egg Drops

We had a lovely Easter here, and if you celebrate, I hope you did as well. We spent a lot of quality time with both of sides of our family. Some of us colored more eggs on Saturday, and Sunday brought lots of delicious food and pleasant company.

My Mom hosted an Egg Drop contest and we all had a great time running around building little contraptions to house our eggs for dropping off of their third-floor balcony. My Grandma Ethel's genius design won by a long shot, her egg glided ever so gracefully down with it's white foam parachute and made the softest landing. 
We had all of the dogs together which is always great and all in all it was a wonderful weekend...
I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!



  1. Those eggs are gorgeous! Oh my goodness. We did an egg drop experiment in high school! I put mine in a ziplock bag and then into a box lined with sponges. ;)

    The Rambling Fangirl

    1. Thank you Cristina!! We had so much fun decorating them:) Your egg drop idea sounds a lot like my brother's girlfriend's Easter egg drop design, only her sponges were attached on the outside! :) Did your egg survive??


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