Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Make a Picnic Lunch Box

The weather is getting warmer and as soon as it gets a little bit warm and sunny I'm ready to eat outside. We have a really beautiful picnic basket that was given to us by my maid of honor for our wedding but, if I want to pack a little something just for myself, it's a lot to lug along. So I had a thought, and now bring you...  my new personal "Picnic Lunch Box"!

I felt really inspired by the print on this paper and wanted to make some paper flowers to decorate my lunch box. Something that had this bright, playful feel. See below:
I started with a white wooden craft box that had a hinged lid. Then I decoupaged my fun little flowers onto the front and top. I let it fully dry after several coats.

Then I attached my carrying straps. I used two 30" strips of burlap ribbon (red striped).
I tacked the ribbon ends onto the bottom of the box, brought them up the front edges (tacking up the front with tiny tack nails), over the top and then repeated these steps down the back and under the back side bottom. (Make sure that your tack nails aren't longer than the thickness of the walls of your box or they will poke through the wood on the inside. Upholstery tacks may work well here as well.)
Isn't it the cutest thing ever? It's the perfect size for a small beverage, a sandwich and a few treats.



  1. This is gorgeous! What a wonderful idea!

  2. Sooo pretty and cheerful! I could see taking this to work, too. Where did you find the box?

  3. This is adorable! LOVE it! :)


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