Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Make a Strawberry Tablecloth

I love strawberries...I love their color and their cheerfulness, and always fall for things printed with the sweet little red berries.  I've been eyeing strawberry print tablecloths for years but have yet to find a nice one that is within my price range.  It occurred to me the other day to try and make one! Here's how it's done:

You will need:

-Printable iron-on transfer paper
-Plain white tablecloth or fabric
Find a free clip art or royalty free image of the berries and print onto the transfer paper (I found a single cluster of strawberries that I liked and copied it multiple times onto a single sheet to cut out). Iron your tablecloth or material and let cool. 

Cut out your shapes. Lay something square in the center of your tablecloth (I used a place-mat, as it was the perfect size for my needs) and arrange the cutouts, face down, along opposing corners of your square. Remove the square guideline item and begin to iron on the paper pieces according to package instructions.

This nice little strawberry corner frame will now be centered on your cloth. Allow to cool and you're done!
I made mine to fit a smallish table we use to serve beverages for parties and picnics, but you could make yours any size you please!  I can't wait to break this out for our next gathering.



  1. This is just too darn cute! I have been meaning to buy some of this paper lately... And now if I do, I'm going to make strawberry printed everything.

    <3 dani

    1. You totally should!! It is so much fun;) Glad you enjoyed it! Xo

    2. Love the way you styled that last photo. You can invite me to your next lemonade party!


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