Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tomato Plant Markers

I spent some time out in the garden this past weekend, getting my tomato plants in.  The varieties I chose this year have names that sound like hamburger specials: Beef Steak, Big Boy, and Whopper. I love it. I needed a way to tell them apart once I got them into the raised bed.  I found these cute wooden bunting triangles at the craft store (pre-drilled with little holes for stringing) and I knew they'd be perfect to hang off of the tomatoes cages as labels.
I painted them with non-toxic, matte black acrylic paint. Let dry. Then I wrote the names of the tomato plants on with permanent white paint pen and strung them with scraps of lace ribbon. Then they were all ready to hang off the fronts of my tomato cages.

Did you know that tomatoes grow bigger and juicier with cute signs and scrap-fabric bunting hanging around them? Just kidding...maybe.

Have planted vegetables yet? What are you growing this year?



  1. Such a pretty way to mark your tomatoes, it makes your garden look so lovely!


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