Monday, August 18, 2014

Secret Gardens

Saturday was a day just for me, with Nick off on an adventure of his own.  I took the chance to visit a local estate which is open to the public for tours of their gorgeous gardens.  As soon as I got out of the car and saw the entrance tucked into the trees I knew I was in for something special. A gazebo  lead the way through to a boardwalk that meandered through a thicket of trees.  Up ahead the grass began underfoot and I rounded the bend, coming upon the most amazing conservatory I've ever seen.  Half on land, and half jutting out onto a  lily pad pond, it stood in full glory. I was completely smitten...
From there on the walking paths lead me through.  It never really seemed to stop.  Gravel paths and dirt alike winding here and there.  The amount of effort that must go in to every area is evident.  From the greenhouses to the outdoor gardens, I was just amazed.  It really felt like a fairy tale. I could totally picture my five year old self being completely infatuated with this place, hiding out under weeping branches playing with fairies.

The best part was in was just so peaceful.  There were other people here and there - it was a gorgeous day - but everyone was quiet, observing, and I appreciated that.  The whole place felt well cared for and thoughtful, with a humble vibe.  Less manicured than say, the botanical gardens, but in a really great way.  

Just perfect.  I left feeling totally pleased that I had happened upon such a fabulous place all on my own. Very magical. I'm already looking forward to returning during the changing seasons.  Don't you love when things surprise you in such a wonderful way?



  1. I love when things are what I would refer to as, 'carefully overgrown.' That lack of manicured, sculpted-bushes-look... just makes me think of the Secret Garden (favorite book of mine as a kid) and how much young me would have LOVED playing in that conservatory as well :)

    <3 dani

    1. Ah! That was one of my most favorite books too dani!!! LOVED it...these were my thoughts exactly:)

  2. That estate looks so dreamy! I love finding places like that...when you need a little break from life, it's so nice to have a place like that nearby. I hope you do go back when the seasons change and post photos! :)


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