Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nasturtium -Topped Lemon Squares: Last Taste of Summer

It's that time of year when everyone is holding their breath for the official kick-off of Fall. 
I'm just as excited as everyone else, so with the start of September, it was time to say a sweet goodbye to summer.  I figured the sweetest summer flavor is fresh citrus lemon...and sugar, of course. These tart little squares are a bit like lemonade in a baked bite, and are so so pretty topped with the last of our homegrown  nasturtiums. Nasturtium are a wonderfully edible flower, often used on desserts and in salads, so they make the perfect edible decoration here- dusted with confectioner's sugar.

I used this recipe for easy Lemon Bars and then once they had cooled and set, topped them with the fresh flowers and confectioner's sugar.  To use the nasturtium flowers from our garden( this safest to avoid store bought, chemically sprayed flowers), I simply picked them at the base of the bloom, washed them under a gentle spray of cool water and let fully dry on a cloth.  Then I placed them on the dessert and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.
I was amazed at how simple these were to make (this was a first for me) and that the part that took the longest was waiting for them to cool and set. A perfect sensory way to say farewell to the warm summer months of growth and harvest, and hello to our beautiful, crisp season of Fall.



  1. Lemon bars are one of my favorite kinds of bars.... I am going to be going well out of my way today to get some. (I'm not a baker, lol)

    <3 dani

  2. Beautiful styling, beautiful photos!


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