Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Camp: Sewing Kit in a Jar

I hope you've all enjoyed your holiday weekend, if you're from the States.  We had a little stay-cation here ourselves, but I started dreaming about our next trip away.  Whenever we travel I always bring a little bag of things to keep me busy (hi..I'm five years old).  One thing that's always a little tricky is bringing sewing supplies.  I tend to bring a little bag, which usually results in me loosing needles and my thread in an unraveled, knotty mess. Usually both.  But a needle and thread, and a few other sewing supplies, are the most handy!  Especially on camping trips.  I decided it was time to step up my game and make myself something to house my traveling sewing supplies.  It took about 15 minutes, so you can totally make one too.
You will need:
- 1 small Ball jar
-2 small lid-traced circles of felt
-1 (approx.) 4' x 4' scrap of material 
-Handful of polyfill
-Needle and thread
-Hot glue gun
Start by stitching your felt circles together, with the reverse sides face to face, leaving an open for filling.  Now flip right side out and stuff with stuffing.  Sew up the small opening.  This is going to be the innards of your pin cushion top!

Place the little felt cushion in the center of the square piece of material (my plaid) and draw up the corners into the center. Stitch closed on the back.  Hot glue, with the stitching face-down, to the top of the jar lid.  
Fill with your favorite sewing supplies and you're done! My favorite part is the cute lid and the way it functions as a pin cushion (just be sure to remove and stow away any loose pins when you get back on the road!).  
I know this little guy is going to be coming along on our next camping trip.  I can't wait.
Happy travels!


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  1. Teeny tiny sewing kit perfect for your tiny camper!


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