Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cookie Cutter Ornaments: Upcycling Holiday Cards

I've always had a soft spot for Christmas cards.  I love getting them, I love sending them, and I've been known to save my favorite cards for years. In an age where texting and emailing are our main vehicles for communication, finding a handwritten card in the mailbox is extra special. With my stack of favorites growing each Christmas, I thought it would be fun to find a way to turn those cards into something fun that we can display year after year for the holidays.  On Small Business Saturday I scored a bunch of beautiful vintage cookie cutters at a local shop and spent the rest of afternoon turning some of my favorite cards, along with our 2014 Christmas card from Tiny Prints , into these adorable cookie cutter ornaments.
Aren't they cute? They make the perfect keepsake ornaments for hanging on the tree and topping gifts.  Here's how to make them:
You Will Need:
-Cards, tags, photos, or any type of printed material on a heavy stock
-Cookie cutters in assorted shapes
-Hot glue gun
-Twine or ribbon for hanging
Start by lining the back edge of your cookie cutter with hot glue and press it, glue side down, onto the card.

Now, using an X-acto knife, carefully cut around the shape of the cookie cutter.  (Be sure to place a cutting mat or board underneath your work space for this step.)
Repeat with the next shape of cookie cutter, and so on, until you've made your desired number of ornaments.
Once you've finished making your shapes, you'll glue a loop of ribbon or twine to the back of each one for easy hanging.  That's it!  Now you can display them on your tree, or use them to add a little something special to the tops of your gifts.  Use a friend or family member's photo card from years past to mark gifts meant especially for them.
I love ornaments that have a bit of sentimentality and now, not only do I have some special new ornaments for our collection, I've also found the perfect way to extend the life of our favorite Christmas cards. I'm so excited that the holidays are here, aren't you!?



  1. This is such a cute idea! Love!

  2. Great idea - The tag becomes an extra, little gift atop the package!


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